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Sym_0.1: The Once Over

Respect! You’ve finished your final draft of cracking writing.

Following a comprehensive edit of your work, a proofread, and any last-ditch re-editing, you may need a once over. A read through by a second pair of Symbiotical eyes to track down those niggly typos, and last-second smelling pistakes, before printing your work or publishing online.

Aim: Free your writing from grammatical and typographical errors.
Outcome: A blooper-free document ready for print, submission or publication.

Cost: £9.50 per 1,000 words.

Sym_0.2: Proof is in the Reading

A hearty pat on the back! You’ve finished your penultimate draft of outstanding writing.

With a full edit of your work undertaken, you may need a proofread. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors sometimes go unseen when the narrative or copy takes over. A proofread by Symbiotical will straighten these out, before sending your work to a publisher or your line manager.

Aim: Highlight and rectify those unobserved written inaccuracies.
Outcome: Writing polished to, well, the last word.

Cost: £19.50 per 1,000 words.

Sym_0.3: Copy in the Editor

Felicitations! You’ve finished your third or fourth draft of tremendous writing.

Your work is progressing well and now is the time for copy-editing. Going beyond a proofread, the Symbiotical copy-edit digs deeper examining at sentence-level, such as structure, syntax, flow, and readability, to help you produce a brilliant novel or essay, before sending your work to an agent or your employer.

Aim: Correct grammatical imperfections, boost tone, intensify style, and maintain flow.
Outcome: Streamlined writing with a coherent, flowing narrative.

Cost: £29.50 per 1,000 words.

Sym_0.4: The Three Rs

Our Compliments! You’ve finished your second draft of extraordinary writing.

Happy with your first draft and the changes you’ve made, but are having trouble using the exact words to convey your message. To best articulate your written efforts in a creative and persuasive way, let Symbiotical work with you by reforming, restyling, and rewriting. A revamp and revision will accomplish your goals without distilling your initial premise.

Aim: Review a complete text and edit every sentence while observing ideas and arguments.
Outcome: Thorough written transformation with a careful explication of ideas and thoughts.

Cost: £49.50 per 1,000 words.

Sym_0.5Review, Write, Edit, Repeat

Congratulations! You’ve finished your first draft of great writing.

Not sure where to go next, then let Symbiotical help. We will work together, taking apart, examining, and restructuring your written work to improve voice and clarity of your vision, which will move you forward on your writing journey.

Aim: Provide a detailed review, rewrite and polish an entire piece.
Outcome: An enhanced written document.

Cost: £59.50 per 1,000 words.

Sym_0.6: Ghost in the Machine

Read All About It! Get your new content here.

Fresh copy written for articles to statements, proposals to short stories; for electronic publication or paper distribution. And if required, by an anonymous ghostwriter.

Read All About It!

Aim: Offer original writing to particular requirements.
Outcome: The writing you need.

Cost: £POA per 1,000 words.